Catch The Wave

You walk with Christ.  You are young (or young at heart) and part of the cool group, who enjoys that particular brand of Christian music, acappella. What better way to bring your sincere love for Our Lord, together with pure sounding vocals to encourage and inspire your faith, than with iWave Radio.

Achieving recognition, for their ingenuity and creative abilities, by their peers within three cross industries (Christian Music, Broadcasting, and iRadio), iWave over-delivers.  Their approach to bringing Premier Christian Music, insightful programming, current news via their popular The Wave Blog, and more, is a first (and in current times, a unique approach to any art form is refreshing).

Utilizing the latest technology, you can easily listen to Christian music programs while you are on the go, via Android and iPhone apps.   Hear something that you just can’t live without?  No worries.  The Buy Music Here section provides you with an opportunity to purchase singles or an entire album.  On a budget and just enjoy listening?  That’s good, too because you can take advantage of the Free Music.

Are you an artist specializing in Christian Acappella Music?  Looking for an outlet to gain exposure, or even sell your music?  If so, iWave Radio is the place for you.  In addition be broadcasting and publishing relevant content, iWave also encourages those with music ability to make their Gospel Christian Acappella Music available to an ever growing, wider audience.  No longer is it required for an aspiring musician to beg a big label for a contact; thankfully, those days have gone the way of the dinosaur – extinct!

iWave Radio is constantly seeking out yet undiscovered, fresh talent.  Many new artists who have yet to be recognized by some of the more main stream avenues, have achieved their early steps to success after downloading their works on iWave.  A recently added feature on iWave, you will love enjoying New Artists as they come here for their debut to the music industry.

The Media Gallery, a favorite of many regular iWave listeners, offers varying subjects which are always related to our walk with Christ.  Gaining in popularity as his listening audience grows every day, the Troy Marables Show is a favorite of the iWave audience.

Signing up for the free iWave Radio subscription is the best way to stay in touch, finding out about the newest Gospel Christian Acappella Musician, or just following up on a news story.  Additionally, several sponsors make offers available only to iWave Radio subscribers, sweetening the pot for signing up.

The web makes opportunities available to anyone who has a computer.  iWave Radio further focuses those opportunities and highlights Christians who enjoy Gospel Acappella Music – both listening and producing (and of course, buying selling).

Be inspired during your walk with Jesus Christ.  Be encouraged in your faith with IWave Radio.